ALFADEO is a collective of sound and media artists from Freiburg/Germany and Basel/Switzerland. We produce electronic music, set up installations, create videos and digital photography favoring context specific improvisation over theoretical concepts, genres and boring edit sessions. Alfadeo is active since 2000.

We release our work under creative common licenses at following Netlabels:

and usually at:

and sell collectibles in limited editions at:

Please contact art [at] alfadeo [dot] de if you want to book us for live shows or custom installations.

In 2009 we had a time on SoundCloud until they nicked some of our tracks by their stupid copyright algorithm. Since then new music gets released only at Bandcamp !
We did a couple remixes and started our own remix project "Dicrom" where 10 artists did their version of our track.


Dicrom - The Remixes